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Media Release|February 26,2014

Social Workers Call for Rescindment of Quebec Values Charter

Media Release|September 6, 2013

BCASW and CASW Applauds Proclamations Recovery Day 2013

Letter to Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation|August 2013

Re: Request for Income assistance rates to be increased to reflect the real cost of living in BC.

Response from Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation|Sept 2013

Letter to Premier Christy Clark|August 2013

Re: Optional Protocol on the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Response from Premier Christy Clark|September 2013

CASW Launches Defending Social Programs website

On March 27th CASW launched an on-line advocacy campaign to engage Canadians from coast to coast in defending our social programs for a stronger Canada.  Visit to Take Action and Spread the Word.

Letter to Minister Pat Bell|March 2013

Sick Leave Benefit and Compassionate Care Benefit

Response from Deputy Minister on Sick Leave Compassionate Care Benefit

Media Release|February 6th, 2013

Family Day Message from BCASW

Media Release|Sept 28th 2012:Recovery Day 2012

BCASW Applauds Proclamations by Vancouver and Victoria Mayors of September 30 as Recovery Day 2012

Carol Ross, BCASW Child and Family Welfare Committee comments in the Tyee
What will Minister Cadieux Do for BC Kids in Care?

Letter to Minister Stephanie Cadieux September 2012
New appointment as Children and Family Development Minister

Letter to Minister Mary McNeil September 2012
Thank you to Minister McNeil

Response from Deputy Minister Stephen Brown sent to MCFD staff and BCASW|July 2012

ICM updates

Letter to Deputy Minister Brown|July 2012

MCFD Integrated Case Management System

Media Release |March 2012

Social Work Week 2012

Media Release |March 2012

Response to Report from the Representative for Children and Youth

Letter to the Editor|February 2012

Vancouver Sun: BC Welfare Payments

Media Release |November 2011

Workers Compensation Act

Media Release | October 2011

Insite Ruling is a Victory for Health Care Rights

Letter to Minister: Sick Leave & Compassionate Care Benefit | Sept 2011

Read the the letter to the Federal government here

BCASW 2011 Member Survey Report

Read the results of BCASW’s member survey here

Media Release| August 2011

Social Workers Call On Government to Restore the BC Office To Combat Trafficking In Persons

 Media Release|July  2011

Housing Stability for People with Complex Health Needs

Letter |July 2011

Minister of Health and Minister of Social Development

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