CPD on Ethics


Practice Matters: NLASW

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Social Workers provides a resource on ethics.

Dalhousie University – Ethics in the Helping Professions

Dr Merlinda Weinberg provides a unique perspective on ethics in the helping professions. While the traditional approach has focused on the dyadic relationship between worker and client/patient and has spotlighted codes of ethics, she has critiqued this social construction of ethics as inadequate, offering new and expanded ways of conceptualizing professional ethics.

Ethics in Social Media – Social Media Use and Social Work

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) has released Social Media Use and Social Work Practice that outlines some of the ethical considerations and best practice guidelines for social media use in social work practice.

As with other ethical issues and dilemmas in practice, there are rarely black or white answers as it pertains to social media use. Social workers must use their own professional judgment, seek information from their provincial/territorial regulatory bodies, review best practice guidelines and risk management strategies, and engage in on-going dialogue with colleagues.

View the Ethical Decision Making Toolkit


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in the USA presents annual awards to members of the media who raise awareness about Social Work and social issues. Check out the ethics podcasts and access links to recent website winners – inSocialWork (2013) and The Social Work Podcast.

The sites feature podcast conversations with prominent Social Work professionals and researchers about a wide variety of topics.

Ethics in Perspectives

Over the years, BCASW’s Perspectives magazine has featured a number of thought-provoking ethics articles. In particular, the “Tough Choices” column outlines ethical dilemmas in practice. Consider using these materials as resources in a discussion group, to write a reflection piece, or use in consultation with peers.

View a list of Ethics articles in Perspectives

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