Student Benefits

Dear Social Work Students:

Congratulations on your choice of Social Work as a profession. BCASW extends our best wishes as you study for your degree.  A career in Social Work provides a broad and exciting range of opportunities in which to apply the knowledge and skills you will be acquiring in your Social Work program.

BCASW, the professional association for social workers in BC, will be a valuable resource for you throughout your career. BCASW ensures a voice for social workers on issues related to social justice as well as professional advocacy and promotion of our profession.

Through BCASW, you will receive the information, continuing education, leadership and networking opportunities, mentoring and support that will assist you to grow and flourish in your social work career.

  • Take advantage of the mentoring program for new or recent graduates, Making the Transition.
  • Attend BCASW professional development events at no charge or at substantially reduced rates.

There are so many other benefits.  Welcome to BCASW!

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