Professional Support

BCASW is here to support our members.

If you are struggling with a practice issue, problems at your workplace or an ethical dilemma, we can provide you with guidance and direction, and suggest options for ongoing assistance. Just give us a call.

Another option for BCASW members is to take advantage of our Mentoring Program.

Mentoring for Members

What better way to support our profession than for skilled and experienced social workers to share their knowledge and ‘know-how’ with social workers who are new to the field, relocating, re-entering the workforce, or needing some good peer consultation. Thanks to the generosity of our members, BCASW has a large roster of mentors willing to contribute their time to assist other members. Whether you need help preparing a resume, consulting on a practice issue, exploring an ethical dilemma, checking out a new area of specialty, or assistance with career decisions, a BCASW mentor will be there for you.

Making the Transition: From School to Practice,

is our longer-term mentoring program for new grads entering the workforce.
To learn more about this ‘Members Only’ benefit, read About the BCASW Mentoring Program

If you are a BCASW member you can apply to be a Mentor, by downloading an Application to be a Mentor.  To request the services of a Mentor, download and complete a Request for Mentoring Services.

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