Professional Liability Insurance

In order to provide better service to members, the professional liability insurance program has been changed from AON to BMS Group. This switch in brokers represents no change in coverage or cost.

The program offered is the best in Canada for social workers. For renewals and new purchases contact:

Toll-free number: 1 844 583-7747
Note: this is a dedicated line for BCASW members.
Further information and to apply or renew online 

Please note that you will require your BCASW membership number to complete the application.

Professional social worker members are eligible for professional liability coverage through the CASW-BMS Group Insurance Program at significantly discounted rates. All social workers should consider such coverage given the increasingly litigious climate in which we practice.

Social workers face situations daily where they are open to the possibility of lawsuits and sizeable defence costs. Clients could hold you responsible for malpractice, mistakes or errors arising from your performance of professional services. The liability insurance coverage provided by your employer may not fully cover you. For example, there may be no coverage for disciplinary defence costs incurred in responding to a complaint to the BC College of Social Workers regarding an RSW.

Depending on the plan you select, you will be covered for:

  • professional liability
  • disciplinary defence costs
  • general liability
  • office contents (fire, theft, vandalism)
  • students working under your supervision
  • legal entity coverage (if you incorporate)

You will also be automatically eligible to obtain free legal consultations with Gowling WLG, one of Canada’s largest national legal firms, as part of your professional liability coverage. You will receive free, confidential legal advice by telephone (Toll Free 1-866-778-7191) on questions regarding potential civil claims or disciplinary complaints, including

  • confidentiality – client files/records
  • release of information
  • response to a subpoena
  • conflict of interest
  • sexual involvement with a client
  • incompetence
  • other professional misconduct issue

Important Reminder: You must be a BCASW member in good standing and able to practice as a social worker in BC to qualify for this insurance and to submit a claim. BMS does not verify your membership status on a regular basis. If your membership with BCASW has lapsed at the time you make a claim, your insurance will be void, regardless of whether your insurance premiums have been paid. To purchase ‘Extended Reporting Period’ insurance, you are required to be a member at the time of purchase, but you may choose to let your membership lapse during the period of coverage.

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