Annual General Meeting

BCASW’s fiscal year is the calendar year. The Annual General Meeting is held in the fall.
All are welcome to attend but only members can vote.


The Profession of Social Work: Preparing for the Twenties and BCASW AGM
HSABC, 180 E Columbia St, New Westminster, (Sapperton Skytrain Station) Friday Oct. 25, 2019 2:00-5:00 PM

Need more continuing professional development activities before October 31? Attend a panel discussion on Preparing for the Twenties 2:00 PM, preceding the AGM which will take place from 4:15-5:00 PM. Branches are encouraged to gather together and host the streamed event. Please email for Zoom technology information and link.

Panel Presentation:
Last year, a panel spoke about their passion for social work. This year’s topic is What do we as profession need to be ready for the coming decade? No-one knows the future and a panel discussion cannot cover all fields where social workers are found. We can reflect together on how to prepare for the challenges that we will meet. And importantly, this is an opportunity to celebrate our work and honour peers who have been recognized for their ability to inspire, their dedication, and their distinguished service. Attend the panel discussion and dialogue with some of our distinguished social workers as they discuss their perspectives on future directions based on their area of practice and experiences. Please consider nominating a social worker for their exemplary work for the 2020 awards when nominations open early next year.

Moderator: Cayce Laviolette, MSW, RSW
Our panelists are the following BC Social Workers who have been recognized for their ability to inspire and for their passion for their profession.

Jaclyn Sauer, Inspiring Social Worker, 2019
Jaclyn inspires us, and many other social workers and health care providers, to better
serve our clients who use substances. At the best of times, acute care social workers struggle to
adequately intervene around clients’ social determinants of health amidst scarce resources and
pressure to discharge our clients quickly. Advocacy can be an up-hill battle when stigma around
substance use is part of the picture. We all do our best, but Jaclyn stands apart from others in
how skillfully and steadfastly she pushes the boundaries of what is seen to be sufficient care for
these marginalized clients, toward more compassionate, client-centered and effective care.

Sonia Andhi 2019 Nominee
I have seen Sonia develop all sorts of amazing initiatives to do with health and wellness, to supporting inner city students achieve post-secondary ambitions… She has identified key areas where women need more support and has worked on providing these services where there was a gap or simply no access to such services before.

Cynthia McCrum 2019 Nominee
She is compassionate, kind, a leader, a tireless advocate for those under her careand a black belt in karate! We even have a Cynthia-based problem-solving strategy we use when faced with a difficult situation: WWCD. What would Cynthia do?

Janice Mills, Nicole Murphy 2019 Nominees
Janice and Nicole have demonstrated inspirational leadership in creating change within the healthcare system. Both social workers saw a need to create an effective harm reduction strategy on the acute care wards.
They both shared a common goal in wanting to change the way patients were approached, the understanding of harm reduction, the support and supplies available Instead of merely being frustrated both social workers have worked extremely hard toward what we are able to offer patients today They have moved things forward to the point that we have safe supplies that can be handed out to patients on the ward and have a standing harm reduction program here at NRGH.

Angela Abbing 2019 Nominee
Angela works in a capacity to support BCs most vulnerable children and youth. In addition to experiencing mental health challenges, these young people often have a history of trauma, broken attachments and despair. Angela ensures that each child or youths immediate needs are met and never loses her holistic focus.
Her observations and recommendations were relevant, sympathetic and helpful She projected an amazing air of not being rushed, in spite of being the only clinician in her office.

Kimberly Azyan, BC CASW Distinguished Service Award Winner 2019
Kimberly has practiced social work for nearly 30 years and is recognized from within and beyond the social work profession as a distinguished, humble, visionary leader gifted with the ability to practice at all levels individual, team, community, policy, and legislatively – simultaneously to best serve the interests and enhance quality of life with and for people in vulnerable circumstances. She is recognized as a relentless champion for the rights of adults with intellectual disabilities in BC. She was involved in the downsizing of Woodlands School and the move of residents to community. She led the Woodlands Class Action Project at the Public Guardian and Trustee where she has been a manager and Executive Director of Services to Adults since 1994. She is steadfastly committed to ensuring redress and quality of life for people served by the PGT for whom PGT is committee of estate, litigation guardian, and most recently in relation to the ex-gratia payments as bare trustee guided by the voices of those who cannot speak for themselves and social work ethics and values.”


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