Child Protection Community of Practice (CPCoP)

The community of practice examines and addresses current child welfare and family related policies, legislation, practices and resources in the province of BC. It also examines and responds to emerging trends and potential areas of injustice in the protection of children. CPCoP does this in discussion with our members, social workers active in this field, community partners and service providers, and in dialogue with relevant government ministries.

CPCoP strives to provide constructive input to government and to heighten awareness of the general public on child welfare issues with the goal of positive outcomes for children and families.

Lead: Carol Ross, MSW

“My social work began in Sudbury Ontario Children’s Aid Society and later with Alberta Social Services and Community Health. I ran The Advocacy Centre in Nelson BC for 18 years and was highly involved in the anti-poverty, anti-violence movements there. I developed an approach to child protection advocacy that was innovative and parent based and I continue to be passionate about advocacy (on every level) as a key to social justice. Currently I am highly involved with Parent Support Services Society of BC, in promoting the rights of parents plus grandparents raising grandchildren, and immersed in a research project on child protection advocacy. I look forward to working together with many of you across the province to build on the momentum of the past and to make the issues clear, visible and open for progressive change.” – Carol Ross

Responses and Submissions

Response to the Plecas Review 2015

A call to action led by our coalition partner First Call  builds on a framework which defines the components that are essential for an effective early years strategy and recommends ways that those components can be interwoven, strengthened, enhanced and transformed into an intentionally integrated, adequately resourced province-wide approach to ensuring healthy child development in BC. We encourage you to show your support for young families by sending an email to Premier Clark telling her that you support this call to action. A letter of support can be found at:


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